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...and Hitler was Right

En 1997, poco después de ser iniciado Garbho de Ljvdwerd (ex Amaury de Bène) escribió un ensayo sobre su experiencia en el Aynol y Bab al que tituló "Hitler tenía razón".    Ese ensayo hoy está perdido.  La verdad es que ese ensayo era mucho más amplio que el mero tema del Aynol y Bab.  Quienes tuvieron ocasión de leerlo antes que Garbho decidiera no publicarlo coinciden en decir que el ensayo estaba compuesto de seis parágrafos.  La primera de éstas trataba sobre el Aynol y Bab.  Aldo Tobar, que por entonces cursaba el primer año de licenciatura en inglés en el pedagógico, hizo una fotocopia no autorizada del escrito y comenzó a traducirlo.  En un inglés de principiante tradujo las tres primeras páginas -por fortuna, las que refieren el tema del Aynol y Bab.  Al parecer el proyecto rebasó sus capacidades y lo abandonó tempranamente.  Sin embargo, y pese a que su inglés es sintácticamente pésimo, agradecemos hoy ese singular esfuerzo, pues sin él este escrito se nos habría perdido del todo.  Reproduzco aquí ahora la parte de ese ensayo que Aldo Tobar tradujera al inglés entonces.  Pese a las imperfecciones de la traducción aun puede entenderse con relativa claridad el contenido de este escrito, y apreciar de una fuente directa lo que fue el Aynol y Bab.


Por Garbho de Ljvdwerd

Traducción al inglés por Aldo Tobar

This is not a writing about Hitler, the man, the politician, the statesman.  This is a writing about the concept of Hitler, that is, about all that order of reality that is involved in the idea of ​​Hitler. So I will not speak here of things known by all. This is not a political, but esoteric writing. Not the reality of this world, but of the other world, which will be referred to herein.  With that caveat it is necesary explain the title. Hitler was right means the Third Reich was right. Hitler was right also means that the National Socialism was right. The National Socialism is the religion of nature.  National Socialism is a political project only in appearance. National Socialism was right, that is, the truth was on his side. What truth? That which is revealed towards the last days of the Great War.  That bloody war between an army alone against the entire world. That war that confronted two visions of the world: the Aryan Weltanschauung and the Judeo-materialist worldview. That war was not a war either.  It was the Mahabharata days of Kali, the black goddess. And his last days began to be written in the European autumn 1939. Because they do not believe that war then began.   Esoterically speaking the war had already nearly 2000 years and maybe more. A curious fact in any case, those who often go unnoticed, this time tipped the scales toward the enemy. This writing is about that.  The hidden history of war and the esoteric sense of defeat in World War II.

All this began on June 6, 1940 in Berlin Behrenstraβe, a few blocks from the Brandenburg Gate. There thirteen Jewish rabbis met secretly.  The Third Reich, unexpectedly, had threatened their plans for world conquest. They were supposed to meet in 1948, which completed the second cycle Kabbalistic, in reverse, of its promise contracted with the damn spirit "Y", in 1275 BC.  According to this diabolical calendar the Jews should repeat thirteen times the rite celebrated by Moses at Sinai in the course of 3839 years.  From time to time, 100 years to the minimum, thirteen Jewish rabbis gathered in a cemetery and ritualized thirteen aspects of the original rite.  Rites of this type were carried out in 1275 BC (the founding rite - the Alliance Pact) in 37dC (the New Covenant), 693, 1021, 1185, 1317, 1433, 1541, 1645, 1747, 1848 and 1948.  Two more will be held, are subject to this calendar, in 2256 and 2564. In 1948 was held, in reverse, the third of these rites to close the second and third open.  Viewed from a directional perspective it was the eleventh rite of this nature. But circumstances initiated by the Third Reich put at serious risk the Jewish plans for world domination. Thus, it should end with Hitler at any cost.

It was appealed then, of emergency, to a rite that was reserved only for last cycle, the holiday of the purín that had to be carried out in 2564. It appealed to him desperate and it is what explains the defeat of Germany in this order of things.  Was brought from Baghdad the bottle containing the damn spirit. 3215 years there had been bottled, but it was now necessary to hold to end the Third Reich.  The rite was held on June 6, 1940 in Berlin Behrenstraβe, a few blocks from the Brandenburg Gate. So Germany's fate was sealed. What came was horrible for Germany.  Early setbacks in the war occurred just shortly after June 1940. In May 1941, esoterically alerted by these events, Rudolf Hess travels to Scotland.  Its purpose is to contact the magicians of the Golden Dawn and through its seal a strategic alliance that will enable Germany to end the demon Jewish influence in Russia. But it was too late.  And as victims increased, from one side or the other, but mostly the German victims, the Jewish demon grew in strength and power (it goes without saying that blood is its natural nutrient).

Defeated Germany, Jews quietly planned to conduct fiendish Rite eleventh cycle (third in reverse) their plans for world conquest.  The agents used for this operation were Aleister Crawley, Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons, who joined the Jewish Marjorie Cameron perpetrated a diabolical ritual of proportions known as the Babalon Working.  They first met in 1946. By 1948 the fruit of the rite was ready. He was introduced to the thirteen Jewish rabbis.  The final ceremony was held again in Prague, in a cemetery, just 100 years ago, when hidden in the shadows wrote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. 

Hitler was right. The enemy he faced was diabolical. And they are testing you propose to give here.

In 1968, in the city of Tijuana, Eun della Stella y Gerbha, aka Sebastián Pino, had a chance encounter with a mysterious man. He became friends with him to the point that he revealed his true identity.   It was the very same aeronautical engineer who had starred in the events of Babalon Working, the legendary Jack Parson. It was assumed that Parson had died in 1952 after a failed experiment in his own laboratory.  Eun della Stella was found that had not happened. Parson had faked his death to escape the siege that hung over him since he held the Babylonian rite.  That same year the two migrated south of France where they were to meet another mysterious character, the founder of the Spanish-speaking holzwegs communities, the also legendary Gabriel Frontera.  According della Stella among the three sealed hermetic circle whose purpose was the creation of a ritual to undo it operated by the Babalon Working.  It worked until the death of Border occurred in December 1971. Created rite Eun tried many times, by various means, to operationalize it.  But he never could. Until in 1989 found the people he considered truly adequate. Among them one was me.

For four long years Eun della Stella secretly prepared us for the realization of that rite. We were forbidden to speak of it to others. We were twelve but I only had the opportunity to meet nine.  Those nine were: Carlos Carmona and Ariel Zúñiga, my friends from the time of Kosmos, Joaquín Ramírez and Yvana Uremovic, Eun favorites, Jacqueline Ugalde, Nicole St. Martin, Priscilla Escobar, and Anaïs Laprossa.  The December 21, 1994, at 6:00 am we started our journey from Nunoa to the hilltop Chaday. There, in a location of Eun only had knowledge, we are about the realization of which can now be described as the greatest achievement of modern magic or the greatest fraud.

We reached the foothills at about 17:00 hrs. We had more than ten hours walking relatively long intervals from the Pirque crossing to the road the hills. We were exhausted. The heat was impressive. And yet climbed to the top. The first thing we did then was rest. But at 21 am we started to do the ritual circle.  It started around midnight. Shortly before we drank a concoction of ayahuasca. At the beginning of the rite Eun uttered the correct words and Yvana seconded him. I ranked eighth in the circle.  Therefore I had to be bandaged (all pairs must be blindfolded, except Yvana). Around 1:00 am the first attempt was made, but nothing happened. Therefore I had to be bandaged (all pairs must be blindfolded, except Yvana). Around 1:00 am the first attempt was made, but nothing happened. Eun insisted that the rite be reiterated and we do it again. Six times we had to repeat it until, about 3:00 in the morning began to take effect.  A torrid electricity ran our bodies. We were holding hands and felt the shock of a body to another.  Eun insisted there should loosen us. But every time we came to put our hands felt downloads increasing electricity.  Then came the voices, noises, something so shocking that I could not put into words here. And finally, the presences.  The four, among us, who were able to view them directly (Yvana, Joaquín, Jacqueline and Carlos) agree that most were like leaden flashes of light with aged human appearance.  They had a notoriously diabolical character. In there coincide they all who saw them directly. I could not see them this way, for I was bandaged.  And I had closed my eyes and covered my ears with both hands to avoid the infernal noise that penetrated to the bone.  I only saw flashes of moving light through the bandages covering me. But nothing more.  You do not know where the noise was coming or who (or that) it caused. Electric shocks were very real and were in our bodies. More than thirty minutes presences tried unsuccessfully to enter the circle.   The latest attack was the worst. Almost able to beat us. But finally happend airy.

The rite, anyhow, did not fulfill his assignment. The presences it prevented. Though they did not manage to enter to the circle, they managed, yes, to get scared. None of us returned to participate in any other experience with Eun. We parted, then, as a team.  And we formed our own groups. Eun kept trying in vain to operationalize their rite. Never again have the effect that ensued.  Today, almost three years of this expedition, the first time I dare to talk openly about what happened.  Well today I manage to connect this brave experience of youth and nonnatez with the truth of what we preach.  Hitler was right.  If the Eun's rite had not that, would never have provoked fury in these strange presences.  It is true that this is also due to the merit of a ritual well done (because if the ritual had not had merit would never have attracted the interest of some presence).  But also because of the reality of that fierce diabolical enemy who fought Hitler. But to understand the latter need is now a second flank open discussion.

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